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As usual the pics are mainly interesting for the people who are in them and it's primarily for them this is made. Feel free to have a look even if you are not in any of the pics yourself.

Ireland 2018

Islay 2018

Ireland 2017


Roma 2017

Ireland 2016

Ireland '15

NOLA '15

Scotland '15

Willie Week 2014

Islay 2014

Aasiaat - Greenland 2014

Ireland 2013

Marielyst Easter '13

Paddy Came Early '13

Islay 2013

Ireland 2012

Berlin Spring '12

Prague Easter '12

Islay 2012

Paddy Came Early '12

One Fine Evening at Bartof Café

Ireland 2011

Prague Easter 2011

Paddy Comes Early 2011

Islay 2011

Ireland 2010

Ireland 2009

Danish Irish Picnic 2009

The Trip to Islay 2009

Paddy Comes Early 2009

Ceas in Dublin Dec. 2008

Copenhagen Irish Festival 2008

Return of Havhingsten fra Glendalough 2008

Ireland 2008

Danish Irish Picnic 2008

Paddy Comes Early 2008

The Trip to Islay 2008

Copenhagen Irish Festival 2007

Ireland 2007

Bon Voyage to Havhingsten 2007

Danish Irish Picnic 2007

Anna's First Communion

Irish Day at the Races 2007

St. Patrick's Day 2007

The pilgrimage to Islay 2007

Last session of the year Dec. 2006

Copenhagen Irish Festival 2006

Ireland 2006

Mich's 50th Birthday Party

Ireland 2005

The launching of Havhingsten/ The Sea Stallion of Glendalough Sept. 2004

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