Here's a "copy and paste" from last year and it was even more appropriate this year:
It was wet, cold and grey and I didn't take many pictures.
The reason for this is pictures taken in the rain look shite and
since it was raining most of the time I have very few pictures.

At the Volvo Ocean Races in Galway.
If that crane was operating in Denmark they'd have to change the company name ;-)

Back of Friel's with Niall, Mick, Dec and Murphen

Anette was there too

The logic of our cooker.
Four dials you turn left for more heat. Two right???

Breakfast of champions

In Cleary's

Session in the front of Friel's

Mouldy fiddle case after standing against the wall in our house

The usual shot in front of the house.
Anna, Mich, Aifric, Ron, Leonie, Anette and Kenny.
Missing Murphen and Vincenzo.

Anette took the dogs for a drive

Mayo and Anders in Taffe's, Galway

Titanic mural in Cobh, Co. Cork.

Sunny day in Wicklow.
That cloud could have moved just 100m and we would have had the sun.
Of course it stayed in place all day!

Danielle, Buddy and I went for a walk in Dalkey.

Dan and me in Finnegan's.

Holding a bag of ice on Nurse Janet's sprained ankle.

Dan at Killiney Hill.

Me ditto