My camera was on the blink for the first part of the trip, so I didn't take many pictures this year.
Just look at previous years and ad a few wrinkles :-))
Apologies for the poor quality of some photos.

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First day of the Willie Week at the Blondes.

The mind boggles.

A very young busker.

Ben Lennon's birthday party.
True to tradition Marie is serving the cake.

At the Cliffs of Moher.
Low clouds covering O'Brien's Tower.

Pat, Aifric, Ron and Kenny.

Aifric got her name bent.

Ron, Mich and Kenny ready for pints in Doolin.

Who would ever order a pint of Cute Hoor?

Who was hanging at the wall of Gussie O'Connor's,
but my old friend Eoin Kenny.

The usual suspects at Neylon's
Aifric, Ron, Kenny, Peter, Darragh and Mikey

Darragh, Declan, Brian, Mich and Mikey.