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Sunset the first night in Mullagh.

I wasn't the only one who thought it would be worth a picture.

Going to the first session in Mullagh. What a laugh! In all fairness - the sign is for banjo classes.

O'Kelly's with Brian, Niall, Ron and Aifríc.

House session the next day in our house. Emanuele, Aifríc and Leonie.

Vincenzo and Ron joined in.

Everybody in Miltown is involved with the Willie Week. (Thanks to Leonie for the pic).

Session in Friel´s. Norma, Niall and Aifríc.

Ron, George and Norma.

Emanuele and Vincenzo were there too.

Vincenzo's morning Guinness, which is actually an espresso.

Mullagh selfie.

Palm tress in our (Marie´s) back yard.

Session in Neylon's with Darragh, Ron and Peter P.

Peter C. and Emanuel.

Nick, Chris, Aifríc and Darragh.

Outdoor session behind Cleary's.

Not what it looks like. It's Jean Michel's converted camper van :-)

Neylon's back room with Darragh, Mike, Ron, Nick, Chris and Aifríc.

The traditional group photo: Mich, Vincenzo, Ane Luise, Leonie, Aifríc and Ron.

The Scots are heading off home in Aifric's car.